We at Aquaze are the manufacturers of a range of high quality unique patented feeding systems and ancillary products for all types of fish and fish keeping enthusiasts.The unique patented feeding system was designed to eliminate the difficulties involved when feeding several different species of fish in a community tank. It involves a mixed and balanced diet of feeds such as powders,granules,pellets, flaked and dried fish foods all carefully measured and blended then encapsulated into a two part vegetarian capsule, which once released into the tank, quickly dissolves to release the relevant feeds to the tank inhabitants,including top middle and bottom feeding fish.

All systems are suitable for use in community tanks of five fish or more. Good tank husbandry should be observed at all times to ensure and maximize the benefits of the feeding systems and to promote healthy, colourful, active fish.Simply drop one to two capsules into the tank water and within a few moments the food starts to release causing great excitement within the tank.

The unique patented system design eliminates the need for human hands to come in contact with the dry feeds which makes it clean and easy to use, safe for fish and the feeder with virtually no smells or mess and helps the food stay fresher for longer.

To compliment the range of feeding systems there is a range of ancillary cleaning products, especially manufactured for the fish tank keeper in mind such as glass, acrylic and cabinet cleaners capable of dealing with water, salt and algae residue on tank exteriors and cabinets and floors.
All feeding systems are available from 100 capsules.
Postage on all systems is available worldwide.

Only through knowledge and passion are we able to provide the best products at unbeatable prices.


  • Worldwide¬†postage on all¬†systems
  • No guesswork
  • No mess
  • No fuss
  • No smells
  • No contamination to fish
  • No contamination to user
  • Fun to watch
  • Any age can use
  • Peace of mind
  • Feeds all tank members simultaneously including top middle and bottom feeding fish